Now i´m going to answer some questions Laura gave us about horses

Find out about horses, their different features / abilities and how they help people.

Horses have four legs which end in hooves. They are large and strong and they weight a lot. They can run fast, that´s why they are used for races, and they are very useful to work on farms. They are also friendly if you train them well.

Words that we use to describe young animals (horses, lions, etc)

-Lions:lion cub

How horses (and other animals) are trained by people. Why do we train them?

From what I found, it says that there are different steps. While training you have to be patient and firm, not agressive. Firts you have to make the horse trust in you. Then, you start to teach the horse some movements with a rope, always with food as reward. When it comes easy to do this, try to put the horse a saddle and ride it.

Words to describe a horse

Friendly, useful, loyal, strong and fast.

Find out how to look after horses and write a set of instructions to teach others

First, a good place to take care of them is at a farm. They principaly eat grass as cows do but you can also give them corn or pasture. Finally, you can put him in a place with other horses.

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The Clod and The Pebble

On friday with Pato, we saw a poem by William Blake called “The Clod and The Pebble”. It was about a Clod of clay that said that love searchs help the other one and it was all about the other person. However, there was a Pebble that said that love was selfish and it was all about yourself.

The poem as a song click here

This symbolizes Innocence and experience because the clod of clay had no experience, first because the material itself hasn´t to much years to be created, and about love,  it thought about how love could be because, as it´s a new material, it didn´t had the experience to know it. But about the pebble, as it has lots of years, he had the experience to know how it feels to have a love.

In my opinion, they are both correct because in both cases it not always happens only that, they are like mixed.


-seeketh:search                                             The author of this poem, William Blake, belonged
-hath (old english):had                                to the Romantic Period. Down here, i´m going
-brook:stream                                                to put five important characteristics about this
-trodden:                                                         period:
-warbled:sing waveringly                            -Imagination:
-joys:delight                                                   -Symbolism
-delight:pleasure                                           -Nature
-bind:tie                                                          -Individualism
-ease:lock of difficulty                                  -Emotions

                      The author of this poem, William Blake, belonged to the Romantic Period. Down here, i´m going to put five important characteristics about this period:

-Supernatural: something that is out of the common or impossible. Something that is beyond reality: “So sung a little Clod of Clay”

-Nature:It takes you out of the urban life and usually poets use personification for this: ” But a Pebble of the brook warbled out this meters meet”

-Passion: Is the craving love you have for something:”Love seeketh not itself to please”

-Emotions: the way the author express his feelings through words:

“Love seeketh not itself to please,
Nor for itself hath any care,
But for another gives its ease,
And builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair.”

-Symbolism:Words that represent feelings or different things:”And builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair”


Por qué aprender matemática

Susi nos dijo que leamos un artículo de  Por qué aprender matematica.

Se trata de un hombre que escribe de un adolescente que le pregunta al profesor de matemática “¿Y esto para que me va a servir?” Luego, el autor del artículo Ignacio Zalduendo nos explica que, aunque no nos demos cuenta, usamos la matemática en nuestra vida cotidiana, y nos ayuda tanto en nuestros conocimientos como también como personas.

Yo, al principio de secundaria, pensaba que la matemática no era mas que una materia de mas que no nos iba a servir de nada en nuestras vidas. Pero después de leer este texto, me di cuenta que la matemática sirve para mas de lo que uno puede imaginar. Por ejemplo, trabajos que incluyan ingeniería o arquitectura, necesitan de la matemática. Y también me di cuenta que, ademas de ayudarnos en nuestras habilidades, nos ayuda como personas. Así que, ahora que se el verdadero significado de la matemática, voy a poner todos mis esfuerzos en esta materia para que me ayude a lo largo de mi vida.