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Essay question:Explore how the writer of “Passion” uses nature to express how she feels about love”


In the poem “Passion”, many romantic features are used, such as nature and passion.The writer uses nature to express her ideas about love through a spiritual voice, the sky’s voice. This spiritual voice was trying to convince the speaker, who was a woman, to understand that love isn’t the only thing that matters and that the only thing she needs is nature.

Before the spiritual voice talked to her, she was deeply depressed. The lady was lying on a peaceful place, where she interacted with nature by being one with the universal spirits. However, she found difficult to express her feelings by speaking or writing because she was emotionally damaged. This means that she was suffering physically as well as emotionally and she felt peace outside but chaos inside. She was in this situation, feeling heartbroken and abandoned, cause she was waiting for her love to call her but he didn’t. Here is evidence of that: “Through the mute telephone, my body grew weak with the well-known and mortal death, heartbreak.” In this quotation, the writer expresses through a metaphor that her heart was broken and she felt weak because she was waiting for a call, which would be from her love, and never received it. In addition, the voice felt far away from her lover.

In the fourth stanza, the writer introduces the sky, which is represented as a spiritual voice. This voice was more familiar than love itself. “You have what you desire”. In this quotation, we can see that the sky tells the desperate woman that she doesn´t need love, that nature is what she truly needs and wishes. After this, the sky speaks to the voice and makes her see the world in a different way. She forgets all of the sadness inside her, and realises that she only needs what it’s outside, the stars, the seas, clouds and winds, the thing which she had grew up with and what she has always been surrounded by, nature. Here is a quotation of her connection to nature: “This your nature is”. The quotation is proving that the woman and nature are very connected and they are like one. Then, the sky says: “Lift up your heart again without fear. Sleep in the tomb, or breathe the living air”, so the sky gives two options. The first one: Keep the same feeling sad. Second one: Leave the idea that love is everything she has, and go on with her life. She realises that she doesn’t need her boyfriend that she has been waiting for to call her, taking away her passion to write. So, she leaves behind her boyfriend and keeps nature inside, now her emotional war has finished.

In conclusion, nature is an essential factor in this poem because the writer expresses her feelings about love through her love for it. The sky, which is the spiritual voice, is one of the elements that represents nature.

Tomás Braun, Álvaro Ballesteros and Martín Ananía

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