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Essay writing N°2-Games at Twilight

Essay writing


In “Games at Twilight” mood and atmosphere play an important role. Comment closely on this.⟶(In detail)


  • Too hot weather/suffocation/oppression
  • Veranda/Happy/Feel free
  • Ravi➝ in the shed➝victorious


  • Outside➝     Ending   ➝Not innocent

Insignificant/Sad      ↓      Forgotten/Abandoned




of the shed





     ↙              ↘

“You’re dead”  Outside the shed kids are playing another game


Ravi’s feelings=Shed furniture


-Separate ideas

Into sentences

and paragraphs      Introduction                 

-Use connectors  { 2 Body Paragraphs

-Avoid repetition     Conclusion






Throughout the story, mood and atmosphere change constantly. They influence on the decisions and feelings of Ravi on two different ways. One of them is the setting, the weather of that day and people surrounding Ravi and the other one is how the first point affects in Ravi’s decisions as I said before.

On the first page of the story, Anita Desai shows the weather as “too hot”. The author uses “too” to indicate that it was not a comfortable day, it was an oppressing day. To make the situation even worse, Ravi and his family had been obligated to stay inside their house, which increased the heat in the house. Moments later, the kids were released out of the prison.When this happened, they decided to play hide and seek. This led to Ravi hiding in a dark, mysterious shed. This shed was essential for the story because it was dark, spooky and was full of animal life. However, the most important quality was that in the shed forgotten things were kept. As time passed, “twilight” arrived, and Ravi realized this happened when some things that only happened at that time of the day: “The scent of earth receiving water, slaking its thirst in great gulps and releasing that green scent of freshness, coolness”. Here, we can appreciate in a formal language one of the things that happened at twilight on Ravi’s house. Also, twilight symbolizes death, sadness, it joins and separates two opposites and it’s a moment of revelation. Ravi finally got out of the shed at twilight. Outside, all his family was staring at him. He finished laying on in the ground.

Every moment in which setting changed, Ravi’s feelings and decisions also changed. In Games at Twilight, these two are very connected. At first, as it was too hot, kids felt suffocated and were suffering a lot: “Their faces were red and bloated”.Here, the book shows to us that, as it was too hot, they suffered because of the oppressing atmosphere. That’s why, later on, they shouted and acted as wild animals, because they were released from hell. Then, when Ravi is in the shed, he felt scared because of the place the shed was but, at the same time, he felt protected as he listened to Raghu outside: “He felt almost relieved to hear Raghu, hear his stick. It made him feel protected”. Here the author expresses that he was afraid but, as Raghu was near, he felt safe. After this moment, he just stayed in the shed, daydreaming what would it be the moment when he had won. But then, at twilight, as he realized it was growing darker, his first epiphany took place: he had forgotten to touch the den. It was not a coincidence, Ravi realized that he was forgotten because twilight is sadness, moment of revelation. When he got out of the shed, the people around him looked at him in a weird way. At first, they didn’t know even who he was but when they recognized him they were asking themselves what was he doing. At this situation, Ravi felt rage and pity, and was crying in a desperate way. Then, his family invited him to  play another game, and his second epiphany took place: his innocence was dead: “The grass is green, The rose is red, Remember me, When I’m dead, dead, dead…”. In here, the story shows through symbolism that what was dead was Ravi’s innocence.

In conclusion, mood and atmosphere play an important role as they influence a lot on the character’s decisions.