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Crime Report

In Language, we are learning new vocabulary for crimes. Therefore, she told us that, for Oral skills, we had to look for a crime report in an English-written newspaper, make a brief summary of it, show three terms of new vocabulary and say our opinion. The following is an article that I found on ‘The Telegraph’

In the following oral, I’m going to talk to you about a student who stabbed her boyfriend and may avoid jail as it would ‘damage her career’. The newspaper I took this article from is The Telegraph.

On September the 30th, 2016, a girl, under the effects of alcohol and drugs, stabbed her boyfriend in the leg with a bread knife after punching him, and threw jam jars, glasses and a laptop on him. However, the judge in charge said he would make an ‘exception’ with her and defer her sentence for four months, predicting that she will not be jailed because of her talent.

You are probably asking yourselves, Why? What talent are you talking about? Well, she actually was a talented Oxford University student, who dreamt of being a heart surgeon. Even the Christ Church College, where she studied, would allow her to return in October because she “is that bright” and has had articles published in medical journals. However, she is unlikely to be able to become a surgeon as her criminal conviction would have to be disclosed.

Woodward will be sentenced on September 25. She was given a restraining order and told to stay drug-free and not to re-offend.

In my opinion, this is not right, as she has to pay for what she has done, at least some months in prison. Her talent should not save her from imprisonment. No matter if she is one of the most brilliant minds on Oxford, she has committed a crime, and she has to pay for what she has done.




Disclose: to make known; reveal or uncover:

Defer: to postpone

Restraining order: a judicial order to forbid a particular act until a decision is reached on an application for an injunction.

The famous person I admire the most | Exerscises


In a world of celebrities, who do you admire? Why? What do these celebrities in the picture have in common? How do they do for a living? What do you know about their early childhood?

Task 1:

Write a paragraph answering these questions and post it in your blog.

The famous person I admire the most is the professional surfer, Kelly Slater because he is known as the best surfer in history and because of his achievements and surf skills. Since he started his career as a professional surfer in 1992, Slater has won eleven world championships, an achievement not too easy to reach.  In addition, he is the youngest and the oldest pro surfer to win the world championship.


What the three people in the picture have in common is that they are Hollywood actors.  Also, they all suffered a deep depression for some time. Firstly, Owen Wilson suffered a depression in 2007, which led in an attempt of committing suicide. Secondly, Jon Hamm suffered a depression in 2010 because of his father’s death. Fortunately, after battling against his alcohols addiction and depression, he could overpass it.  Thirdly,  Winona Ryder started to consume alcohol when she was just a teen. As a consequence, she started having psychological problems. After medical interference, she could overpass her addictions.


About their childhood, to begin with, Winona Ryder, born in Minnesota, didn’t stop moving from her house. As a child, her mother used to show her movies, which made her feel interested about the world of acting. Then, Owen Wilson, born in Texas, received education in the New Mexico Military Institute, which encouraged him to enter to university. Finally, Jon Hamm, born in Missouri, had the hardest childhood. His parents got divorced when he was two years old, and his mother died when he was ten.