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The Haunted House

 It was a cold, damp night when I got lost in the woods of Carlos Casares, Buenos Aires. Unfortunately, I did not expect what was about to happen, as I innocently rode my horse through the rural zone mentioned before.

    It was raining while I was working on my farm, and I was told to look for a lost axe in the woods we had gone before to get firewood, because it was winter, with very low temperatures, and we had forgotten it. When I got in the woods and found the axe, I realized that I didn’t know where I was and that I had lost the path. As I got desperate as the rain hit my head, I decided to gallop in an attempt to reach a location where I could shelter , but what I found was worse than I had thought. It was a mysterious, old house. The rain got stronger and stronger, so there was no other way of keeping away from the drops of water, rather than entering the house.

     I ran through the entrance and knocked the big, wooden door. I waited for some seconds when suddenly the door opened by itself. I entered and the door closed. Inside that dark, gloomy house, the only signal of light was a chimney. Next to it, a black, scary chat was resting under deep sleeping. I approached the chimney because I was very cold, but out of nowhere, a nasty, wrinkled, horrifying witch appeared while screaming towards me who I was. I stayed shocked, peering her ugly, repugnant face. That was the moment when I realized I had to run. I went Upstairs, where I hid in the bathroom. As I heard her coming, I prepared my surprise attack: shampoo, which is lethal to her eyes. When she arrived, my plan worked. As she shouted that her eyes hurt, I ran towards my horse and I escaped.

     As I woke up next morning, I convinced myself that It was all a dream. This theory was totally discarded, as I saw a big, red-written sign which said: “This is not over, I will take my revenge”


Description of Mr Foster

With Pilar we read a story called :”The way up to Heaven”. After reading it and making some works on it, we finnaly have to write a description about one of the characters. We could choose between Mr Foster or Mrs Foster. I chose Mr Foster:


                       I’ve been Mr. Foster’s friend since we were just kids. We met on primary school and since then we have been very good friends

                      Physically, he’s tall and thin. He has short white hair with a long white beard. He has dark brown eyes with a unified eyebrow and a large nose. He has small ears and a mole in the right cheek. Normally, he wears a green jacket with a beret.

                      Mr. Foster has a rare personality. He can be generous and friendly but he can be selfish and immature. However, he´s a good man and hard-working, in spite of the fact that he can be irritating because he likes to bother his wife and also he bothers me sometimes. Nevertheless, he always wants to help other people.

                      He likes to bother his wife when she’s about to travel because she gets nervous and he finds it very funny. He likes smoking and going to restaurants near his house with Mrs. Foster because they like trying new types of food they didn´t ate before. Finally, besides loving his wife, he loves to read novels, especially war ones.

                       In conclusion, Eugene Foster is a unique person in terms of his personality. He’s one of my best friends and I like all his aspects, positive or negative, because it is what makes him a unique person.


Linking Words

Oliverio Llobet and Facundo Vazquez Avila made a prezi were they show the different types of linking words. These are used to:

-Add information: “I´m generous such as cheerful”. “I´m generous. Also, I´m cheerful”
-Contrast two ideas: “I like football. However, i´m not good at it”. “Although i like football, i´m not good at it”
-Give an example: “There are lots of sports in which balls are used, for example, football”. “There are lots of sport in which balls are used, as well as football, basketball,…”
-Move on to the next point: “I went to the school. After that, I went to my house”. “I went to the school. Then, I went to my house”
-Note consequenses: “I forgot the keys at home, so I went back to my house”. “I forgot the keys at home. As a result, I went back to my house”
-Summarise or conclude: “In conclusion,  my favourite food is pizza”. “To conclude, my favourite food is pizza”
-Introduce a list of ideas: “First you have to…, secondly, you…. Finnaly, you….”


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