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Christian the Lion Autobiography

Hi!I’m Christian the lion. Now, I’m going to talk about my life as a human pet and as a wild African animal. The most part of my life, I’d been leaving with humans, so this biohraphy mentions how these humans saved me and helped me to become a strong, savage animal.

All I remember from my first memories is when I was kept in a box alone. I was just a lion cub. I was lonely and I missed my mother too much but all was moved a side when two men called Ace Berg and John Rendall took me to their house. Since then, we had been being good friends.

As I grew up, John and Ace took care of me very well. They played and ran with me all the time. I had a too strong friendship with them to the extent of me starting to trust on human beings. As the size of my body increased, I was taken to the Church’s grounds. Time passed, and I grew bigger and bigger day by day so Ace and John had no other chance to take me to Africa.

Later on, the two humans took me to Africa. It was difficult to let them go, but I adapted quickly. At first, I felt afraid because I had never lived in such a wild, full of animal life place and I didn’t know how to feed myself. As time passed, I met other lions, including my actual wife Ashley, and I learned how to hunt.

One day, I was looking for an animal to hunt when I saw John and Ace. When I saw them watching how I was looking for food, I run as fast as I could and hugged them. In spite of the fact that now I know I don’t need them because I’m one of the strongest lions in the herd, I will never forget them for saving my life.