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Eleven Summary

After reading and analyzing the story in class, Pilar told us to make a 90-word summary of Eleven

When we grow older and older, we still have signs of our past years in our personality. This story is a great example. Firstly, a girl called Rachel, an innocent and shy child was turning eleven that day. However, she doesn’t feel eleven. Then, at school, she was forced to put on an ugly, smelly sweater by her teacher, that was not from her. Therefore, she felt like a three-year-old and started crying. Later, a girl said to Rachel it was from her, so the protagonist gave it to her.

Then, we were asked to do a cover to the story. What I did is a little bit creepy to honest. What I pretended to do is that inside her head, her past ages are still there, but a young eleven is not so well-welcomed.