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Linking Words

Oliverio Llobet and Facundo Vazquez Avila made a prezi were they show the different types of linking words. These are used to:

-Add information: “I´m generous such as cheerful”. “I´m generous. Also, I´m cheerful”
-Contrast two ideas: “I like football. However, i´m not good at it”. “Although i like football, i´m not good at it”
-Give an example: “There are lots of sports in which balls are used, for example, football”. “There are lots of sport in which balls are used, as well as football, basketball,…”
-Move on to the next point: “I went to the school. After that, I went to my house”. “I went to the school. Then, I went to my house”
-Note consequenses: “I forgot the keys at home, so I went back to my house”. “I forgot the keys at home. As a result, I went back to my house”
-Summarise or conclude: “In conclusion,  my favourite food is pizza”. “To conclude, my favourite food is pizza”
-Introduce a list of ideas: “First you have to…, secondly, you…. Finnaly, you….”


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