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Vocabulary Warhorse

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1)A light stroke with the hand.

2)He gave Joey a friendly pat.



1)To walk with faster pace.

2)Joey trotted in the large space he had.




1) To walk in a structured or military way.

2) Joey marched for several minutes.





1)To have one´s head fall forward when drowsy or asleep.

2) Joey was nodding before Albert´s father entered.




1) To look keenly or with difficult at someone or something.

2) Joey peered Albert´s father.




-Sniff: to smell by short inhalations.

While Joey was marching, he could sniff the smell of damp dirt


-Neigh:the cry of a horse

Joey neighed a lot when he was separated from his mother

-Toss up: to vomit

While Joey was being transported by ship, he felt sick all the trip and he tossed up sometimes

-Wriggle:to move along by twisting and turning the body

When the three man caught Joey, he tried to whisk out by kicking and wriggling